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Get rid of excess phlegm and start breathing better. Created by physiotherapists, the Therabubble™ Original is an effective and affordable bubble PEP device that helps clear phlegm from the lungs and improve ventilation. It can be used in hospitals or at home to treat patients with a variety of respiratory conditions.

Achie Thongs & Slides 

Real Arch Support - Up to 2.2cm of orthotic support encourages optimal foot posture aiding whole body alignment.Material Moulds to your Foot - Specialised closed cell foam material is formulated to mould to your foot.Tight & Stretchable Strap - Your toes don't have to grip to keepyour thongs on. Walk all day without overusing muscles and tendons in the feet. Give the straps a little stretch to suit.No Plugs, No Problems - Ultra-strong one piece design makes Archies Thongs extremely durable and less likely to blow out!Light as Feather - Archies Thongs are so light you'll barely know you've got them on!
Walking Aids
Various walking sticks, frames, crutches,moonboots, braces and supports available in the clinic or assessed and ordered in for the individual.
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